7th Vidas Científicas

So today I’ve spent my morning attending the “Vidas Científicas” meeting. I had a great time sharing with the students. We had the chance to talk and discuss about physics, atomic force microscopy, and how’s the researcher’s life (from my very subjective point of view). I got to meet wonderful people, quite a few of them interesting on pursuing the academic path. I hope the best for all of them!

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7th “Vidas Científicas” Meeting

On Monday 23th of October I’ll have the opportunity to participate in the 7th “Vidas Científicas” (Scientific Lives) meeting, to be held at the Eureka! Zientzia Museoa in San Sebastián. This is an activity aimed to High School students so they can have the chance to meet and talk with scientist from different fields. I’ll be representing the Physics field and, as probably expected, I’ll be talking about Atomic Force Microscopy:


More info about “Vidas Científicas” can be found here (Spanish only).


Summer intern: Iker Castrillo

During this August, I’ve had the pleasure to work next to Iker Castrillo a Summer Intern at the Materials Physics Center. Iker is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s in Nanotechnology at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and during his internship, he had the chance to learn about advanced Atomic Force Microscopy techniques, such as PeakForce QNM and nanoDielectric Spectroscopy. Iker is a wonderful person and I’m pretty sure that he will become a great scientist: I’m looking forward to meeting him again soon.



New paper !! Molecular dynamics of fully biobased poly(butylene 2,5-furanoate) as revealed by broadband dielectric spectroscopy

I’m glad to announce that the collaboration with Michela Soccio at UniBo has allowed us to publish a new manuscript, just accepted in Polymer.

In this paper we present the molecular dynamics of the biobased polymer poly(butylene 2,5-furanoate) (PBF), by broadband dielectric spectroscopy. This material belongs to the family of furane-based polymers that are currently thought as a strong green alternative for terephtalate polyesters as PET. In our work, we have studied the PBF in its amorphous and semicrystalline states. The influence of crystallization was studied in both local and segmental relaxations. Also, we proposed that the PBF amorphous phase of the semicrystalline material was composed by different fractions, including a completely rigid one, with distinctly slower mobilities.

The Full Paper can be found here:


PEO crystals

AFM image of PEO crystals embedded in a PVAc matrix. The size of the PEO phase is about 200  in diameter, while individual crystals have a mean width of 15 nm. Image taken using Peak Force Tapping and ScanAsyst probes.