PEO crystals

AFM image of PEO crystals embedded in a PVAc matrix. The size of the PEO phase is about 200  in diameter, while individual crystals have a mean width of 15 nm. Image taken using Peak Force Tapping and ScanAsyst probes. 


Working for a week @IQFR-CSIC in Madrid

I’ve spent last week working with my colleague Esther Rebollar at the Instituto de Química Física Rocasolano (IQFR-CSIC) of the Spanish Research Council in Madrid (Spain). We focused our time on closing two projects related to materials processing by laser interactions and molecular-scale characterization by AFM. In the former case, we prepared laser induced periodic surface structures on different polymer films and under different irradiations conditions, while in the latter, we performed a detailed nanoscale mechanical characterization on the prepared materials by combining PeakForce-QNM and Friction Force Microscopy.

New paper: Ionic transport in the amorphous phase of semicrystalline polyethylene oxide thin films

I’m very pleased to announce that a new paper has just been accepted for publication!! The work describes the use of nanodielectric Spectroscopy for the study of ionic transport processes. We have worked with PEO thin films prepared from different solvents. We’ve found that ionic conductivity is dependent on solvent nature, especifically, the amorphous phase of PEO seems to reorganize as a function of solvent polarity.

The Full Paper can be found here:!divAbstract