I’m back at the Lab!

This week I returned to the Lab to keep on the good work and good vibes. I’ve spent most of the time working on answers to papers evaluations but today I found some time to spend at the AFM.

It’s good to be back.


As from tomorrow I’ll be taking some days off and I just wanted to wish everybody Happy Holidays!

See you all in 2019

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Polymat Seminar

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Today I gave a talk in the Polymat Seminar series, about nanoDielectric Spectroscopy ! This 30min talk presented the state of the art in AFM techniques for studies in polymers, and introduced to the audience the technique developed at the Polymers and Soft Matter group to perform Dielectric Spectroscopy at the nanoscale.

Zientzia Club!

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During the activities of the “Zientzia Astea” (Science Week) in Donostia, I got the opportunity to participate in the “Zientzia Club”. In this event 9 speakers, including myself, delivered a 10 min talk about a scientific topic for an open audience. I decided to talk about soft matter, making emphasis in my lactose intolerance problems ! It was a really fun night, and I enjoyed all presentations very very much! Looking forward to repeat next year 🙂 !

8th Vidas Científicas meeting


On October 22nd and November 5th I attended the 8th edition of the “Vidas Científicas” meeting. This event is organized by Eureka! Zientzia Museoa and allows high school students to interact with scientists. I had an amazing time discussing both scientific problems and the life in the academia with these young minds. I hope to have the opportunity next year again !

New paper !

Last year I got the chance to take part in a collaboration with Prof. Josetxo Pomposo from the Materials Physics Center. This project was about the synthesis of conducting polymer PEDOT:PSS, using Single-Chain Nanoparticles. Now, a few days ago we got our manuscript accepted in the European Polymer Journal! I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to join this work. I’ve learned a lot of new techniques, especially from the polymer chemistry side. Please visit my “Publications” section to learn more about this paper.